As Cypris ages ago

In Cyprus, something unexpected is about to happen.

As a chemist, I know that matter never creates or destroys. It just transforms. However, there are those special occasions when evidence seems to contraddict this foundamental principle. The birth of a new life, for instance. The tide that quietly covers everything in the moonlight. A flower that grows in the desert. This last image, even if highly abused, is the most adequate to depict the situation of fifteen students coming from all-over the world, who meet in Nicosia with the willing to make a change. To create something new, something that never existed before. And the HPC-LEAP project allows this little miracle to happen.

The HPC-LEAP consortium embraces many european academic istitutions, as well as industrial partners. The presence of so many outstanding scientists coming from all-over Europe during the kick-off meeting might appear intimidating for a young, early-stage researcher; but the atmosphere during the meeting was so familiar, and the discussions with the supervisors so stimulating! Meeting the other fellows has also been a great joy: I already knew they had so broad interests and backgrounds (you should read their CV: they are so young but so experienced), and day by day I discovered many other unexpected qualities. I am also very proud of my host istitution, the Cyprus Institute, which was the venue of the event, as well as the coordinator of the entire project.

The two weeks between my arrival in Nicosia and the starting of the meeting were all that I needed to start feeling as a part of the CyI. Not only: all Cypriots know very well how to make you feel home. And this land with such a burning sun and such a dry landscape, can easily become a place where innovation takes life. As ages ago Cyprus was the mithological birthplace of Cypris, goddes who unexpectedly generated from the foam of its marvellous sea, it is now the birthplace of a concrete opportunity of intellectual growth, settled in the present and projected far away in time and in space.