Thoughts about the HPC-LEAP Kick-off meeting
Nicosia, Cyprus 14-16 September

My trip to Nicosia began from Athens at the noon of Sunday 13/09. It was a  sunny and bright day and the sky was very clear, thus allowing for an amazing view of the greek islands. The deep blue of the sea, together with the light blue tones of the sky created a magnificent scenery to observe. After less than two hours we landed at Larnaca, Cyprus.  It was midday and it was very hot. Then I went to Nicosia, where I met a familiar environment, close to a usual greek city. My hotel was at the old city, so the same night I had a great chance to walk at the streets and taste local foods.

The next day signaled the beginning of the Kick-off meeting, together with the beginning of my new researcher life. It was a highly anticipated event for months and I had great expectations about it. At that afternoon we (the fellows) had a first chance to meet each other and talk about our background and our projects. The highlight of that day was the launching ceremony, where talks by prominent people of the scientific, political and industrial sector where given.

The following day, Tuesday 15, was a very important one, since a private discussion of each and every fellow with his/her supervisors and mentors would take place, to decide the career development plan of the forthcoming years. So on that day, my supervisors Prof. Luca Biferale (UTOV) and Prof. Constantia Alexandrou (CyI), my co-supervisor Prof. Karl Jansen (DESY) and our external collaborator Dr. David Mesterhazy sat together to plan the scientific goals and outcomes, together with my placement month by month, for the next three years. It was a very inspiring moment as our research goals were on the table and for me it is a great honor to work under the aforementioned scientists supervision. On the same night all the participants went to a very beautiful tavern, where we were served with very tasty local traditional foods and had the chance for more relaxed conversations.

What I really loved about this very first meeting with the fellows, the supervisors and the organizers was a prevalent eagerness for scientific research and cooperation. This acted as a high motivation towards my participation at the coming first workshop at Wuppertal. It is extremely important to meet and work with people who are young in spirit as this is a milestone and great inspiration for research.

I am definitely looking forward for a next HPC-LEAP meeting again at Nicosia. The Institute of Cyprus is an ideal host venue for such circumstances, and the city of Nicosia is a beautiful and warm city that really deserves visiting again and again.

Giorgos M,
Wuppertal, September 2015