The HPC-LEAP Kick-off meeting is almost over and it is time for us, fellows, to go back on those three days in Cyprus. It was most importantly an opportunity to meet everyone participating in the project, whether it is your supervisor from both degree awarding institutions, academic partners, industrial partners, and of course, the other PhD students. There were, indeed, several opportunities to get to know more about our new colleagues. First, from an academic perspective through short presentations about our previous research work and PhD planning meetings with the supervisors. But also, from a personal perspective through numerous get together around the delicious Cypriot cuisine.

As one of the selected fellow of the HPC-LEAP program, I feel incredibly lucky and grateful to have been allowed to join this program.  My research topic, turbulence in LBM, holds a significant impact on the way we simulate turbulent flows for a wide range of applications and is definitely challenging. However, HPC-LEAP provides an ideal setting to conduct it. I had the opportunity to discuss and plan the research project with my supervisor at UTOV, Luca Biferale, and especially what we hope to accomplish during those three years. Besides, being able to learn and share within two research groups at BUW and UTOV and a consortium of institutions all over Europe, to study about HPC and a wide range of numerical analysis techniques in established institutions, and having the opportunity to plan secondments with industrial partners is very exciting.

Besides, it was also a chance to visit Cyprus and especially the old town of Nicosia. Nicosia benefits from a rich history that heavily influenced the variety of its architecture. Nevertheless, the city is the last divided capital in the world, the north being under Turkish occupation. We had the chance to cross the UN controlled buffer zone to visit and have a drink at the northern part of the city. The excursion was short, however, Nicosia is definitely an ideal city to chill out and I hope we will have other opportunities during the program to visit the city as well as the whole island.