HPC-LEAP Kick-off meeting experience

After many hours traveling, I arrived Cyprus – a beautiful island. Even though I was quite tired since the journey took me 13 hours to Cyprus, my excitement swap all my fatigue. The Cyprus Institution offers us awesome living conditions, I was lived in a local lovely hotel – Semeli Hotel, the room was awesome and serves were great!

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During our stay in Cyprus, each fellow did 10 mins presentation about what we have done during our Master program. It was a quite nice experience for me. I am proud of having an opportunity to present my work to professors and other fellows. Also, I am enjoying listen to other fellows' work which helps to broad my horizon for other research fields. I was studying computational science and engineering during my Master and I almost never had a chance to cooperate with people who study theoretical physics, biology, chemistry. HPC-LEAP made it possible for me! Even though we varies in interests before, when we start to communicate with each other we found many things in common! It is high performance techniques connecting people from different backgrounds together to better understand the nature.

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Furthermore, we had our HPC-LEAP launching ceremony. From the talk, I know that HPC-LEAP is a highly interdisciplinary joint doctorate program realized by bringing together world-leading experts in applied mathematics, high performance computing technologies, particle and nuclear physics, fluid dynamics and life sciences to appropriately train our Marie Curie fellows in Europe to exploit HPC techniques and promote innovation. Also, Prof. Biferale gave a very inspiration talk about fluid dynamics, and I learnt that computational fluid dynamics can be applied to solve problems from micro-nano scale to macro-universal scale. This experience further exited me about my future research!

Last but not least, we had an excursion in old town in Cyprus. We visited several ancient churches and some historical architectures in Cyprus. Indeed, it was nice for me to not only attend academic events in Cyprus but also look bit inside about Cyprus!

Overall, I had a really unforgettable experience in Cyprus. And I wish if I have a chance I can visit Cyprus again!

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